Post Pro – Showcase your work and discover amazing videos.

Video Platform, Social Platform, Interface Design, Design System, Experience Design

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The challenge

Post Pro is a platform for video creatives to showcase their best work and discover amazing videos from the business’s greatest. Post Pro came to life as a side project by the folks from Motion Array.

My part was to design the platform from the ground up and find ways to highlight and showcase people’s work and make it discoverable.

Post Pro – Showcase your work and discover amazing videos.

Customer Development & Strategy

Design professionals have communities like Dribbble and Behance to share their work. When it comes to video creatives, they don’t have a video-dedicated platform that highlights their work.

We wanted to offer them a place where their work can be discovered, discussed, and shared, but most importantly, a space that will make their work shine.


To make work discoverable and creators easy to find, we created discovery flows for both. In the main navigation, discover, and creators links lead to grid-based pages, each tasked with displaying new work and people.

The cards for creators are designed with intention. Each card shows previews of the persons work, making it easy to discover great work without opening individual profiles.

Work Page & Video Player

We built the work page to highlight the work and the creator. We designed a video player with aspect ratio flexibility, cinema mode, and other video-specific features to help creators showcase their work in the best possible way.

We added the option to attach files available for download, so users can share their knowledge and build a community by teaching.

We highlight creators with a preview of their other work so visitors can easily find more of what they like.

Curated Collections help users save pieces they love. But we included discovery in collections as well.

Collections can be made public and shared with the rest of the community, and it has its page where users can browse through shared collections to find new content.

Profile Pages

Profile pages highlight users’ work, their information, and their links from around the web. Users can form and manage their public profile.

Upload System

We created a groundbreaking upload system for our users. We created a flexible system capable of supporting multiple file-formats and different types of content while allowing users to upload hundreds of assets simultaneously.

Design System & Handoff

The general design of the platform is simple and almost template-like. We designed Post Pro to stay out of the way and highlight the users’ work, with little points of delight.

As we designed the system, we established style guides and standards that communicate how to use the design and advance it further. The design system provides direction for video and visual standards that make up the brand’s identity.