I help businesses make delightful digital products that solve problems.

My name is Darko Stanimirov. I am a 26-year-old bearded guy from Serbia, Europe. Proud dog owner and an overall chill fellow.

For the past seven years, I’ve worked with companies worldwide, helping them realize and fulfill their potential. Exciting startups like Motion Array and BoldLeads have trusted me with shaping and leading their design direction.

What I do

I use a design thinking iterative approach to design user-centered products. I go through problem defining, research, ideation, design, prototype, testing, and iteration to solve user problems. I have created and shipped numerous products for clients in different fields and industries.

My focus has been on web applications, websites, and mobile applications, but I also have experience creating OS native apps and plugins for professional software. I like to dissolve complicated systems and create simple and easy to use experiences. I have experience working with existing and establishing new design systems. I have developed product roadmaps and business strategies that help my clients and their products succeed long term.

I worked in teams and as a solo designer and have created and lead cross-functional design/development teams. As a remote worker for more than five years, I am a motivated self-starter and have created a productive work environment.

  • User & Market
  • Product
  • User Centered
  • Problem
  • User
  • Rapid
  • Testing &
  • Design System

What I worked on

My professional career started in 2014 in a design agency where I had worked on various projects and in multiple industries. Some of the more notable projects I was a part of were Kashable and BizX in FinTech. Classe365 and Pathgather in Education. Coworks and Taledo in Talent Acquisition. Textnow in Telecommunications, among others. I transitioned from Visual Designer to User Experience designer and later on grew into a Product Designer role.

In 2017 I joined BoldLeads, an exclusive real estate lead generation platform. When I joined, I was the only designer tasked with building a small team that would work on different aspects of the platform, from client-facing marketing and landing pages to dashboards and user management experiences to back-end admin panels for internal use.

My most recent venture was with a fantastic team at Motion Array in 2018. Motion Array is the all-in-one video & filmmakers platform used by millions. Like my previous position, I built a small team that would work on different aspects of the product. We worked on The Learn, a learning hub for video professionals, The Marketplace, a store for video effects, stock videos, music, and images. We also worked on Review, a video review and collaboration tool, and Portfolio Builder, allowing users to build professional portfolio websites.

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