Senior Product Designer helping businesses bring great ideas to life.

I am 26 years old, and for the past seven years, I’ve worked with companies around the world, helping them realize and fulfill their potential. Exciting startups like Motion Array and BoldLeads have entrusted me with leading and shaping their design direction.

Working mainly in a dynamic, fast-paced startup environment has made me a generalist, instantly bouncing between different design disciplines. Love of design, combined with a passion for aesthetics and details, has made me a truly dedicated and hard-working creator.

My career path was somewhat unique. I began in a design agency, went on to freelancing, and worked in-house for several startups. Alongside this, I created a few independent products that gave me a novel perspective on business and a complete product design life cycle from the angle of a business owner. I have no formal design education, but I am ambitious and enthusiastic beyond measure, and my background has equipped me with knowledge in various industries and fields.

I had an opportunity to shape fintech, real-estate, video production, learning management, e-commerce, health, fitness, design software, news, and media experiences. This diverse combination of industries shows that I learn and adapt to different settings quickly.

I have organized and lead successful teams but can also work well under someone else’s guidance. Working independently and with little oversight is another thing I can do, given that I was a freelancer and remote worker for years.

Most recently, I helped an amazing team over at Motion Array transform their current products and grow their platform.

Currently, I’m looking for long-term engagement in a fun, collaborative team I can contribute to and help create remarkable things together.

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