Portfolio Builder – Create a professional video website in minutes.

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The challenge

Motion Array is the all-in-one video & filmmakers platform. One of the main parts of their product offering is the Marketplace. Marketplace lets video professionals download video assets, from video templates and stock footage to photos, royalty-free music, and sound effects.

The Marketplace was a two-phase project. Phase one, the redesign of the existing platform. Phase two, the creation of a new platform with improved functionality.

Portfolio Builder – Create a professional video website in minutes.

Customer Development & Strategy

Many video producers don’t have the time or resources to invest in building a website. Some of our users told us that existing website builders are either too complicated or are not made for videos and don’t showcase their work in the best light. They told us that the Portfolio is a perfect tool for them since they use other Motion Array products but pointed out that we could improve.

Our customers wanted more customization control and more designer templates. The existing platform provided basic templates that didn’t allow much customization.

The Builder Interface

The idea behind our Portfolio builder is to start with a template and use the builder interface to customize them. The builder interface allows users to remove or add sections and customize the design.

While all sections have layout variation, color, and padding options, some have specific options like adding images and video, parallax scrolling, rounded corners, and other similar features.


As most of our users are video professionals, they need to showcase their work properly. That’s why we added support for different aspect ratios, customizable galleries, sections for video reels, and other video-specific layouts.

Website Templates

We created a system of components and templates to help customers showcase their work beautifully. These flexible modules enable custom pages to be built intuitively without the need for a designer or developer.