Stelar — Complete workflow app for social media management

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The challenge

With the reach that social media platforms have and their constant rise, many 3rd party social media management apps help users design content, plan their posts, and more.

Most of these existing apps offer some management features, but none offer a genuinely mobile, end-to-end experience. Stelar aims to fill this market gap with an app that provides a complete workflow for social media professionals.

Stelar — Complete workflow app for social media management

Customer Development & Strategy

Social media specialists are busy handling many different platforms and campaigns on several devices. Additionally, if they manage multiple clients, the number of tasks grows exponentially. This is a complex problem, and we set out to create a simple solution.

Since most social media specialists are mobile-first, we decided to go with a mobile app, reducing the number of devices to just one that the customers are interacting with the most.

Stelar provides design tools, scheduling tools, and analytics tools, drastically reducing the number of additional 3rd party apps customers need to use, allowing a truly mobile experience.

The mobile environment also allows users to see their designs as they will be displayed, rather than seeing them on a desktop, detached from their real context.

Users spend a lot of money buying designed mockups and assets and hiring designers, or even worse, waste valuable time designing with robust tools that are too complex for their needs.

That’s why we created hundreds of stunning, high-quality design templates and background images for them to use.

We created an easy to use, multiple accounts feature, so users that serve numerous clients can quickly and effectively switch between them.

Design Direction

The app’s design is simple and straightforward, with interaction points of delight in just the right places. Complex components are simplified and resemble the look and feel of the platforms customers already use.

The design system is monochrome, designed to stay out of the way and highlight what matters — users’ campaign design. It is modular and flexible enough for new campaigns, trends, and product updates.

Customer Journey

The users’ main goals are to create campaigns, design assets, schedule posts, and analyze performance. We simplified the customer journey from signup through to the final step. We’re meeting clients half-way at every stage of their journey by providing a familiar interface to reduce friction and make the design to publishing process as easy as possible.